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AMD FX4350 4.3 4cores
Price: 4,050 ???

AMD is introducing the new member of the legendary FX CPU family, and as always, it brings the unlocked performance you've come to know and love from AMD.

The AMD FX-4350 processor, for enthusiasts who like to watch crisp HD video and run multiple compute-intensive apps, is a 4-core CPU that clocks at a 4.3GHz Max Turbo operating frequency and 12MB of L2 and L3 cache in a 125W thermal envelope. With up to 10% more performance than AMD's previous generation and a competitive price, this is a hard-to-beat processor.


  • 4-core desktop processor
  • Reduced power consumption
  • New AM3+ infrastructure
  • Speed when you need it with AMD Turbo CORE Technology
  • Increased processing power and responsiveness
  • Easy overclocking
  • Competitive price and performance
  • Maximum multitasking
  • Top speed for your money
  • Unlocked, out of the box
  • Designed for graphics-intensive applications
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